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A lot of people told me I hate others for no reason and I spent a large amount of time thinking ‘wow I should be less hateful’ And I tried that. I tried putting aside my previous impressions that I had of people and tried starting anew. I tried to see why others may like them or why friends of mine are also friends of theirs.
But honestly, why should I make the effort to like someone when I really really don’t? When everything they do annoys me? Like sure, it’s better if you live life being all loving and stuff but that doesn’t mean I have to put up with every goddamn person I meet, especially when they’re just really sucky people.
There are just some people who I cannot stand. Every single thing about them just makes me want to punch them in the face and this is before I even know where they’re from. I understand that you should get to know someone before you decide whether you like them or not but every time that I decided I didn’t like a person before I knew them, they gave me a reason to hate them, soon afterwards. Every single time.
I’m all for making friends and meeting new people and all but I’m not about befriending people I have no interest in knowing. If I don’t like you I will not talk to you. 

when people say they don’t care EVEN A LITTLE BIT about politics it scares me because like, why not? it’s pretty boring I get it but it’s there so the people can actually listen and have a chance to do something about their country and its future and your own fucking lives like stop being ignorant and show some interest in this because it DOES affect you  

yeah ok carry on

Thoughts On: Advice

I like giving advice. I think I’m pretty reasonable about it. I think I’m good at it. I think I can make a pretty good psychiatrist one day. Of course, it’s hard to know for sure when your advice goes unheard. 

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I would HATE university next year if the people are just like the kids in my highschool. Like, the people who don’t appreciate the chance to learn new things and stuff and I sound super pretentious right now because I sometimes couldn’t care less about school but I like learning still. I don’t just cheat my way through things. But next year, when you’re there out of your own free will, and PAYING FOR IT, I’d like to think people are a bit more mature about how they handle things.

I’d like to think they don’t plan on skipping all the lectures and cheating on the exams. Because what fun is that?

We were playing some game and the question came up asking “Under what circumstances would you steal your friend’s boyfriend?” And I mean it’s a normal question I suppose and most of my friends answered with “If she was treating him badly and if we liked each other, sure why not.” And that’s totally reasonable.

But then I thought about it. Why would you ever go for someone who’s already taken? What the hell is going through your mind when you decide to fuck up someone’s relationship? It doesn’t fucking matter how happy or unhappy they are, if they didn’t want to be there, they’d leave, it’s not up to you to decide ‘o hey they don’t look too happy lemme just try my hand at this’ 

I get it if you don’t agree to what I just said but if you’ve ever been on the other side, you’d know how that feels. And most people, if they know that feeling, they wouldn’t inflict that on to others. Especially their friends no matter the circumstances.

And I also understand that some are stupid enough to stay despite the fact that their relationship is going absolutely nowhere. And they don’t realize that whatever ‘love’ they had is non existent by now and there’s nothing left. But whatever, they’ll leave when they want to leave.

Whatever. I don’t know man, just don’t fuck up what other people have.


Guys, guys ok
I went to prom tonight and it was actually fantastic. Till the very last minute I was really iffy about every single thing; my dress, my shoes, my hair, EVERYTHING. But to be completely honest I think it’s the best thing about high school. Like not the dancing or the food (certainly not the food) but the sense of community and belonging. Every single person out there looked STUNNING. And I do not understand why we even had a ‘best dressed guy/girl’ category anyway because I do not think I could’ve chosen one person out of the rest. But I’m so glad Christian won best dressed guy he really deserved it, cuz you can’t award it like…everyday casual wear yknow. Cuz he dresses better than most guys I know :P
But yeah, guys if you’re wondering whether to spend a bunch of money you don’t have on just ‘one night’, I am telling you, it is absolutely worth every single penny. And you will NOT regret it. if you do, you have full rights to sue me (:
Ok I’m gonna sleep or something, night!

I hate it when people who are really big fans of something and they say shit like ‘omg these girls were talking about ______ and I just wanted to slap them ugh I don’t want _______ to be famous.’ like… no. stop.

It’s pathetic, and stupid, and selfish. 

I get mad easily at times but sometimes for me to get over it I just need to either rant about it to someone, sleep or just be left alone. I’m not the type of person to continuously keep on fighting with friends, because for one I barely have enough energy to get through the day so I certainly don’t have the energy to argue with people. And another, I just don’t like arguing with people. It’s stupid and pointless and all it’s gonna do is get me even more mad.

Maybe it’s just me but I like having some things to myself. Like I mean I AM the one to obsess over TV shows and books and stuff but there’s just some people I don’t like to share that with. It’s not that they ruin it, it’s just they just go so overboard with everything to a point where you’re just like ‘SHUT THE FUCK UP.’ And like too much of something is just, too much. Or at least that’s what I think. I mean there is a limit. So.. if you could just stay within it.. We’re good.

I think the worst thing is having so many opportunities to learn amazing things and read some amazing books and do some amazing things, especially when we’re as young as we are but you see people just ignoring all that and going for the pathetic little things in life and throwing away their lives, and that for what?

Honestly, I get it. You’re young and you make mistakes, because this is a ‘learning period’ and all but put that knowledge to good use, stop making dumb fucking mistakes and do something useful. Stop crying over your boyfriend who’s got provocative pictures on his cell phone, stop with the drug and alcohol abuse, stop getting knocked up by some lowlife and do something with your life.

It’s a terrible thing when you see people with so much potential just throwing it away.

I hate it when you get amazing books to read in english class and you get to write essays about all your thoughts and insights on the book and instead bitches just sparknote that shit.

What a waste of a learning experience.

What a waste of an opportunity to read an amazing book.

This is why I hate highschool. 

People don’t appreciate anything.

People who can’t be happy for others.

I had this friend in fifth grade and we were the best of friends. But she was the smart one and I was just the less smart one, I wasn’t dumb but she always got higher marks than me and what not. One day I’d gotten perfect on a test and this was no usual occurrence so I was damn excited and acting just as any 10 year old would at this moment. And after a few fake smiles she just straight out told me “Okay shut up, it’s just one test.” At the time, I was just 10 so I didn’t care much about that remark, but I still remember it.

I generally don’t like people who cannot be happy for their friends’ accomplishments. I mean that’s just pathetic. You can’t always be the best, the prettiest, the smartest what have you. Like, I’ll give and say that we all have those moments that we wish that we’d gotten the job instead of her or that we’d passed the final exam with flying colours, and hey, I have those moments too but I just joke around. I hate people who just want everything, all the time.

I don’t see how this has anything to do with rules of being a lady.

Men in suits.